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Axiom Simon Line Neutron Time-Lapse

Axiom Simon Line Neutron Time-Lapse

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Do it your own way. Make your own path. There are no limits.

These are the ideologies that inspired the Simon Line. Never has there been a disc golfer to take the same risks, turn conventional thinking upside down, and approach the sport of disc golf quite like Simon Lizotte. In order to make a line of discs that can carry the “Simon Line” name, there needs to be a drive to make discs that perform unlike any other. That is what has been done here, that is what the Simon Line is all about.

The first 12-speed featuring GYRO Overmold Technology is also the first Simon Line disc – designed by Simon to feature the best of what a 12-speed can offer. There’s enough glide and turn to generate some truly massive flights, but it also has the right amount of fade to make these flights predictable and controllable. When it comes to hand feel, the 22mm rim width represents the perfect middle ground between speed and maximum comfort, while the gentle dome makes the Time-lapse feel amazing for backhand drives and adds some glide at the same time!

High-power players will find the Time-lapse to be a controllable max-distance crusher – allowing you to create Simon Lines of your own – while low-power players will love the Time-lapse as a controlled-distance driver and potentially a wind fighter as well.

Considering the wait, the first 12-speed from MVP absolutely had to be perfect. Thanks to Simon, at 12, 5, -1, 3, we truly think it is.

12 / 5 / -1 / 3

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