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Discmania Vapor Enigma - Special Edition

Discmania Vapor Enigma - Special Edition

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First featured as a limited Special Edition release in 2020, the Lux Vapor Enigma saw it's much-anticipated 2nd coming with the 2022 Mystery Boxes. These discs come from the same supply, so now you can grab a full stack! You can distinguish this run of Lux Vapor Enigmas from the "2022 Special Edition" -line on the stamp.

The Enigma provides the Pro-level distance driver flight pattern, but requires less power to get up to speed. The grippy and durable Lux Vapor plastic doesn’t only offer this disc the eye-catching looks, but a good bit of versatility as well.

The grippy and eye-catching Lux Vapor material has grown to be a true crowd favorite over the years and the Enigma is the perfect fit for this plastic, as it offers a very controllable combination of glide, high speed turn and low speed fade with less effort than most distance drivers in this speed range. Great choice for that do-it-all distance driver slot for intermediate players and an unbeatable max distance turnover disc for the big arms.

Discs are listed by their main color - If you're looking for something specific, please elaborate in the order comments and we'll do our best to facilitate your wishes within the constraints of our supply.

The Lux Vapor Enigma has gathered something of a cult following over the years - Try it yourself to see what all of the fuss is about!

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