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Discraft Jawbreaker Z FLX Captain's Raptor

Discraft Jawbreaker Z FLX Captain's Raptor

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Discraft's 2023 Captain's Raptors have landed.  This special modified Raptor is only available once per year.  Paul Ulibarri's 2023 version is a super grippy Jawbreaker Z FLX model with unique swirl design.  Captain's Raptors are flat top, extra overstable distance drivers with less glide, more turn, and more fade compared to a standard Raptor.  This awesome looking version has the splatter effect of Jawbreaker with the durability and flexibility of Z FLX plastic. 

We'll have a review posted with our thoughts on how this year's Jawbreaker Z FLX compares to past versions of this classic disc.

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