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Divergent Stayput UV Golem

Divergent Stayput UV Golem

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The Golem is a very overstable approach disc designed to crash at a hyzer angle and park under the basket with maximal control and minimal skips. This is a disc where it doesn’t matter how much power or what angle you release it on, it will always fade out. This disc won’t give you distance, but it will be consistent. The Golem is excellent as an approach disc and works well for putting on ultra windy days.  This super cool UV version is clear indoors but shows three bright colors in sunlight!

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StayPut is actually a Silicone blend similar to rubber. It is ultra soft, flexible, and designed to “Stay Put” next to the basket without skipping or bouncing. This unique golf disc material will save you strokes by keeping you near the basket.

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