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Innova 2017 Nate Sexton Firebird - Bottom Flag Stamp *Rare*

Innova 2017 Nate Sexton Firebird - Bottom Flag Stamp *Rare*

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Mint condition, never thrown, bag kept, Innova 2017 Nate Sexton Firebird with bottom Flag stamp.  This special release from Innova commemorates Nate Sexton's 2017 USDGC championship and pretty much kicked off the "Nate Sexton Firebird" collector edition phenomenon.  Innova released for bottom stamps in this run:  Flag, Blue, Gold, and Rasta (credit:  Ryan Morris @ NateSextonFirepage - great resource for all things Nate Sexton Firebird!).  Note:  This disc is the less rare 2017 "Made in U.S.A" embossed disc, NOT the rumored re-stamped 2015 version.

This disc is truly a piece of disc golf history and a much more accessibly priced entry point into Nate Sexton Firebird pieces.  Or an important edition to round out your current collection. 

Please feel free to reach out directly to or call us at (724) 940-2200 for specific questions on this super cool disc which came our way courtesy of a local Pittsburgh customer and collector.

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