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Thought Space Nebula Ethereal Coalesce **Pre-Owned**

Thought Space Nebula Ethereal Coalesce **Pre-Owned**

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**This is a pre-owned, new condition disc purchased from a Squirrelly Disc Acorn Club member.  The disc has been priced accordingly as it is not direct from the manufacturer.**

The Coalesce marks Thought Space's entry into the stable workhorse fairway driver slot.

As far as nine speeds go, you won’t find a mold that more harmoniously balances glide and a resistance to turn with a reliable finish, mild compared to its overstable counterpart, the Omen. We’ve integrated our favorite parts of our straight fairways with a dependable fade and an accessible rim width creating a disc you can lean into regardless of shifting conditions. The Goldilocks of Thought Space's fairway lineup, uniting glide with a reliable fade; the Coalesce.

9 / 5 / 0 / 3


Premium blend polymers from our Ethereal Plastic with a “burst” visual aesthetic.

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